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[08 Mar 2006|01:19am]

This may quite possibly be the greatest game ever created. Will Wright is a genius.

one word: sofuckingdope [02 Mar 2006|02:29pm]

I'M DA JUGGERNAUT, BITCH! [01 Mar 2006|10:57pm]
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Hurray! [26 Feb 2006|06:36pm]
You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

With Regards to the New Year [31 Dec 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | cold ]

It has come to my attention that when approaching a New Year, the majority of people tend to dissent into two different categories within a controlled populace: the Cheerful and the Uncheerful. These two categories are vastly general, reaching toward gray territories that may overlap into one another, but in the end, the subtle differences truly construct both groups.
First, the Cheerful group primarily consists of those with a rather joyous disposition, acknowledging the New Year with good humour. This category has seen massive growth since the end of the Dark Ages, and since then, has taken an entirely new perspective on what we know as the New Year. Without the fear of enemy forces pillaging their villages, the Cheerful have had an exponential amount of things to be cheerful for. Along with the discovery of alcohol, drugs, and advanced tools of inebriation, the Cheerful have enjoyed the New Years with extraordinary amounts of enthusiasm. Aside from the typical Cheerful archetype, there may also be those who have a more resolved and nostalgic temperament when facing the New Year. This type usually recollects memories of the past year, regardless of whether they are good or bad, and, in most cases, show signs of good spirits in a less extravagant manner than the typical Cheerful type. These people may not necessarily seem the most cheerful, but they fit into the Cheerful category, as they rarely have any depressed or contemptuous emotions. Finally, the Tearful Cheerful. One may surmise that these overly emotional people, despite their watery-eyed facade, happen to retain the best of humour and good spirits. The Tearful Cheerful are in fact the most extravagant with their mannerisms. Almost at the exact opposite end of the Cheerful gamut from the previously noted nostalgic type, these Tearful Cheerfuls usually emit such outrageous behavior that their appearances are considered the most absurd. This last type is almost always the most inebriated or faggiest at a party.
On the other side of the spectrum, there lie the Uncheerful. The Uncheerful can be separated into two subcategories: the genuinely Cheerless and the Apathetic. Usually seen with a "bah humbug" attitude and cynical outlook, the Cheerless are known to hold grudges, cast derisive remarks and, more often than not, scoff the Cheerful. In many cases, the Cheerless are usually the most inebriated at a party (which in itself holds its own ironies). However, there has been accounts of the sober Cheerless, those of which who are usually the biggest dicks. Aside from the Cheerless, there are the Apathetic. This type has such a vast amount of subdivisions that it is impossible to specify them all. However, there is one trait that does seperate the groups entirety from all other groups, and that is that their levels of pessimism lie somewhere between inebriated Cheerless and nostalgic Cheerful. The Apathetic are usually too hot shit to care about cheer, and usually find joy in inebriation or other means. Though they fit into the Uncheerful category, the Apathetic tend to find disinterest in both groups, which in turn makes them hotter shit.

[15 Dec 2005|07:41pm]
[sc]eclectic v1

Please, any feedback is very much appreciated

[22 Nov 2005|02:16pm]
I just submitted a story to McSweeney's. I don't expect them to publish it on the site, but it's worth a shot. If you're interested, I have the story behind the cut. I hope you enjoy it. That's pretty much the theme of the story.

The Events That Led to My Consumption of a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and My Thought Process of Each Step of the WayCollapse )
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MMW@avalon [20 Oct 2005|03:23am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I saw MMW in LA today. I am utterly speechless. If I were to say the closest thing to describing the show, it would be that they were so completely amazing I nearly puked my pants. Respect.


Death From Above 1979 [13 Oct 2005|12:05am]
Went to it, had lots of fun. Jen is my best friend.

Computer Graphics is a pretty useless class [03 Oct 2005|10:05am]
[ mood | blah ]

Akiva from The Lonely Island directed another music video for We Are Scientists. They sound like a pretty cool band, maybe I'll get the album. Or DOWNLOAD it.


A Recollection of the Day's Events [24 Sep 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | David Hasselhoff ]

So, today Jen and I went to watch Corpse Bride. It's a very good movie. Tim Burton is quite the cinematic genius. Then we went to this Thrift Store called '3 Way'. But, to my dismay, there were no 3-ways involved in my thrift store shopping at all. We found some very tacky Halloween costumes, the worst being a giant baseball with a large plastic spider attached to it. There was also a small Hello Kitty bicycle helmet. Other notable finds: 99 cent blazers, the one remaining Spice Girls backpack, and tons of useless junk. And the new Harry Potter movie looks FUCKING INTENSE TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!

And then some hot oil splashed onto my arm, and it looks fucking disgusting to the extreme..

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Work? [12 Sep 2005|12:08am]
[ mood | puke my pants ]

So, after 7 hours of strenuous work, I am just about ready to go. But Rufino, my co-manager tonight (who I can't really dislike because of a cool name like Rufino) asks me to help him close up, since we were the only ones left. My schedule only called for a shift from 5 to 10PM. Closing usually means heading back around 1 or 2AM. I start to feel really bad about asking him repeatedly if I could "go home now", and slightly annoyed by the time slipping away. But all that work was almost worth it when at the end of the night with no more work to do, Rufino tells me, "Hey, I appreciate you helping out, homes." It wasn't as good as the much revered title of 'B' (ie "What up, B?"), but just as satisfactory. No problem, Rufino. Any time, B.

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Work? [09 Sep 2005|01:22am]
[ mood | maybe good? ]

Is it bad that I was honestly excited when we all got new nametags today?

So, I'm actually in a very good mood. Turns out that fuckface has been relocated to a different work site. Upon hearing this news, I literally jumped in the air and let out a big, "FOR REEEEAALZZZ?!?!?" And my new managers-in-training, Sofia and Michael, are genuinely nice people. Turns out that there is hope even in a decadent corporate fast-food chain. I had to close up today, so it was just Sofia and myself alone in a very dark, very eery Burger King (with the music turned down low, and random clanks and groans from the heavy machinery). Since all the food was going to be thrown out, I asked if I could make some stuff to take back, since I didn't eat any lunch or dinner. Sofia and Michael both then asked me to make them stuff, also. Frugality brings everyone together. I made two burgers for mom and dad, since dad was craving burgers. I stocked up on an (appropriately phrased) ass load of onion rings and mozarella sticks (the grease should make my bowels nice and slippery so things just slide right through, right?). I made little ketchup hearts for the burgers, but mom and dad couldn't appreciate them since they were all mushed around from the onions and pickles. I made everything with a little extra love, especially when I dunked the onion rings and mozarella sticks in searing hot oil. They call it 'shortening' in the industry.

The most romantic songs I know so far are First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes and My New York by Reclinerland.

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[05 Sep 2005|12:09pm]
I made a monster in the soap water.
soap monsterCollapse )
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So, what's been going on, dumpface? [28 Aug 2005|10:53pm]
For the past three days, I've been subsidizing my current vegetarian lifestyle with the most unlikely part-time occupation of cook at Burger King. This puts my self-esteem back to my grammar school years of "fat kid with funny hair" status (which is now "fat kid with 'no-regard-to-his-own-hair' hair"). So far, out of two of the three days I've worked at Burger King, I've burned two different fingers on two separate instances. Second day, forefinger, Frymaster. Third day, thumb, conveyor grill. It's also very fucking filthy in Burger King. I don't know whether it's like this for every fast food restaurant (I'm going to assume so, for now), but the amount of trash that abounds is comparable to that of my freshmen year dorm room. And, while washing the conveyor grill parts, there was this shit all over the pieces. If I ever use the word "goop" for anything, it would be to describe the shit that was all over the grill parts. This goop literally dripped from the metal, stuck to everything it came in contact with, and leaves this really horrid stench on clothes, skin, sponges, and dishwater that's literally been sitting in the sink for four hours+.

I hate my co-manager Endang. She's incompetent, rude, forgetful, disorderly, and a bitch. After what seemed like an hour of nonsensical bantering with a customer, Endang turns to me and says, "Hey, you, Michael! Clean that stuff over there." There was nothing in the dishwasher for me to clean, so I asked her what she was talking about. She looks at me with that bitch-look those blonde sorority chicks give you when you ask them where the vodka is, and they say, "We only have JD. Oh my God!" Then fuckface says (sic), "That things over there!" and points to the grill. Jesus, Mary and Jose.

Still, I've had a few silent victories over fuckface. On one occasion, I was washing the dishes when she walks up next to me to organize some pile of shit. Then I sprayed her a little with the hose "on accident". All she has to say is, "Oh, too hard, Richard." Gotcha, bitch.

Another time, I was sweeping some trash, and "inadvertently" sprinkled her with lettuce, onions, and some other shit used to make a delicious Whopper. But then I had to put up with some shit from her, "Like this, like this!" sweeping. Touché, fuckface. Touché.

Other than fuckface, my coworkers are pretty chill guys. Sulay works there, too. And he's enough chill for everyone (maybe even fuckface?). Helio is a really cool guy, and he helps me practice my Spanish. Mario is cool, he doesn't like fuckface, either. I basically work with a bunch of old Mexicans, which is sorta cool, I guess.

Also, I get food for really cheap. One veggie burger, one order of onion rings, and a drink = a little less than two bux. Decent. However, I would strongly advice against eating at Burger King or any other fast food chain for that matter.

Then, there's this:

So that's what's been going on.
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it's Ender, it's his game [03 Aug 2005|11:18pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Stop...Ender timeCollapse )

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[03 Aug 2005|05:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So, I woke up at 530AM this morning to get ready for jury duty. I went there, and after 6 hours, they let us go. I'm glad I won't have to go through that again for at least another year. It was such a ginormous waste of time. But there was one thing that happened that intrigued me. They let us out for lunch, and I went to the local Starbuck's for a Blueberry Coffee Cake and Café Latté. I sat outside on the patio, smoking and enjoying my things, when a homeless person walks up to me. He doesn't say a word, and I offer him a cigarette. He motions to me, asking if I had a pen. By now I figured that he can't speak, so I pull out a pen and hand it to him. He takes a Starbuck's napkin, and begins to jot down some words. This was probably the most absorbing conversation I've had in years. I'm not going to write everything that he wrote, since he filled the entire napkin, and half of the Blueberry Coffee Cake bag. But he wrote some very interesting things. He wrote (sic):

I am is spirit
I am no Star War person
Star war robber name family what I saw them
I was little boy one person
They doing put bomb people
Star War doing war name Knighter people
I read and movie I was collect comic
I was found George Washington
I was found comic name George Washington
I was running and I read book name comic dark damon
I from ENGland
Star War have Black damon
Star War have spirit
Are you American soilder
Star War doing in war in AMERICA
I was found family name NAME AMERICAN IN HERE
I was little boy I was look like 5 years old
I was little boy I read for long time
I was found book I was look for damon because he owner
then I running away from name him Mark damon sullivan lundwall name damon
I was Enjoy
I was care damon he gave me car to Enjoy with damon
If you robber him then get you he have super hero

This absolutely amazed me. I let him keep the pen, and gave him two cigarettes for the road. I also let him finish my coffee cake. Believe me, it wasn't pity. I don't pity homeless people. This guy was just simply amazing.

Here he isCollapse )

Ender [03 Aug 2005|04:34pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Yeah, the puppy's name is Ender. I like that name.

[02 Aug 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I have a new puppy, and I absolutely adore him. He's a cocker spaniel, white with black spots. We haven't decided on a name yet, but we have a few potential ones:

- Lil Zé
- Benny
- Rocket
- Melquiades
- Tock
- Astro
- u-god
- Balky

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eh... [02 Aug 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | complacent ]

The Footloose soundtrack is really good. And so is the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. The Triplettes de Belleville soundtrack is really good (really). Also, The Big Lebowski soundtrack is awesome. The Dust Brothers did the entire Fight Club soundtrack, and it's outstanding. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands soundtracks are spectacular. Danny Elfman composed both soundtracks. Coincidentally, Danny Elfman composed a song for the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. Both The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore soundtracks are really good. Mark Mothersbaugh composed the better part of both soundtracks. The City of God soundtrack is Brazilian funk, and is amazing. Dazed and Confused has more classic rock songs on its soundtrack than Detroit Rock City. However, Detroit Rock City has more songs by Kiss. But Kiss isn't really that great. Psycho Circus was alright. Whoever compiled the Pulp Fiction soundtrack deserves much more credit than he's being given now, since that soundtrack is awesome. All three Lord of the Rings soundtracks (Fellowship, Two Towers, and RotK) are pretty decent. The soundtrack to Crumb has lots of ragtime music. Terry Zigoff (director and friend of Robert Crumb) selected music by Ferdinand Morton (aka Jelly-Roll Morton), Scott Joplin, Joseph "King" Oliver, Joseph Lamb, and Geechie Wiley, but most of the soundtrack was performed by David Boeddinghaus and Craig Ventresco. The Popeye soundtrack is composed by Harry Nilsson, and Robin Williams sings very nicely, and it is a very good soundtrack.

Those are the soundtracks that I have.

I downloaded Prince & the Revolution's Purple Rain, and, in all honesty, it blew me away.

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